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About Us

Are you new to the healthcare sector and are looking for a way to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills required to deliver quality care services? Or are you a care professional looking to improve your skills and expand your knowledge?

About the Company

Brilliant Health Care Training is a Florida-based healthcare training and consultancy company. We were established to meet the community’s growing demand for accessible, high standard, and budget-friendly training services. Our primary aim is to improve the skills, knowledge, and competency of the healthcare workforce to effectively improve patient care as well.

What Makes Us Unique

Our training courses are both practical and theoretical. With our industry-experienced instructors, we ensure that our courses are engaging, educational, and up-to-date. Through our training, we equip our students with the knowledge and competencies necessary to provide high-quality, compassionate healthcare services.

At Brilliant Health Care Training, we are ready to provide the education and training that you need.

Eva M. Francis

Meet the President

Eva M. Francis, MSN, RN, CCRN
Author, Speaker, Healthcare and Business Consultant, Reinvention Expert

Inspirational, Visionary, Compassionate, Adaptable, Collaborative, and Accountable are some of the traits that describe Eva Francis. She is a former accomplished healthcare & hospital executive who have successfully transformed organizational culture resulting in improved hospital & departmental efficiency, multiple accreditations, leadership development, and other aspects of improved healthcare.

Eva is results-oriented, with a proven track record of success, leading organizations toward improved business processes, effective clinical operations, patient care services, quality measures, and hospital operations, as well as increased bottom-line results.

Eva is a transformational leader & strategic clinical program developer, with experience working on high profile leadership and healthcare assignments. These include business development, restructuring, expansion and strategic planning. She motivates leaders & staff by fostering performance-based cultures, instituting coaching / mentoring programs & emphasizing the importance of partnership as she collaborates with leaders of various industries.

Beginning as a registered nurse in her native country of Jamaica, she migrated to the U.S. and completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Florida Atlantic University. Over the years, as a result of her dedicated work and her passion for nursing, she quickly navigated her way to the top, hence becoming a nurse executive and a respected and trusted voice in her field. She has inspired, mentored, and trained thousands of healthcare professionals as well as leaders. Eva is an award-winning leader, an author, a professional speaker, and a certified leadership teacher, and trainer with The John Maxwell Team.

Eva is the Founder of Brilliant Healthcare Training & Consulting, V & E Health & Wellness Foundation, and the Co-Founder of Leaders Lead LLC. Eva is the Founder & President of The National Nurse Empowerment Institute Inc., an organization that provides resources and supports nurses in their Patient Care Excellence, Academic and Entrepreneur pursuits. Eva specializes in empowering & developing employees and leaders to excel in their career and profession. As part of this she strives to set an example in continual self-improvement, thus currently studying to obtain a Ph.D. in Leadership and Business Administration.

She is a highly motivated individual, very active in community projects and believes that everyone was born with a unique gift that should be used to add values to the lives of others. Eva believes that to whom much is given much is required.